Spending Within Your Budget

It is a decent habit to live a life within a budget. What can you be accused of if you decided to live without strapping your pocket? Once common contraption is that, a budget is just an obstacle, to that craved for life of big-time consumption and consumption with no limits per se.

It is wise to have a habit of spending within your budget. Many people desire to do that. Living within a certain budget has some of the following benefits.

Living a life of no stress: Whenever you are within your means, you will be living debt free and therefore you are not always worried about how on earth you are going to service off your credit card.

To be realistic, this does not mean that you will plan for everything and get everything you want. What is meant here is that you will not be constantly firefighting the rocketing interest charges from debts you had taken to pay other debts.

Budgeting helps you save more money. This is because with budgeting, you can know what level of money should go into savings and investments. People who save more are often prepared for retirement and will have a less difficult time adjusting to it. It is also important to ensure that when the day of emergency comes, you will be able to take hits and stand strong because of financial moat.

Controlled spending helps on live an organized life. Budgeting decreases unwarranted chaos that involves your spending lifestyles. You become less impulsive and can there use your financial clout to keep your life well balanced and stable.

It is never a mistake to have a budget that you cling to diligently. Planning a budget and watching yourself stick to it is one of the most pleasurable financial breakthroughs.

You should cut down on your debt by having more faith in a concrete savings plan. With a savings plan, you will not face spiraling debt and rocketing interest charges. You will have more peace and relax times.

Source by Jamie Pearson

Auto Repair Service – 30k, 60k, 90k, Automobile Dealership Rip-Offs

I had a friend call me recently because he brought his 2007 Nissan in for a 90k auto service (90,000 mile service). Most of these services are the biggest scams I have ever been apart of (yeah sorry). As a flat rate mechanic I absolutely loved them (back in the day). My friend paid through the nose for crap, he knew it after wards, and at least declined the BS up-sells.

Thirty thousand mile services are a glorified oil change with a tire rotation. I used to get paid 3 or 4 hours to do a 30k service (Done in 1 hr tops). Oh, you sure inspect a lot of stuff, stuff that does not need inspecting. The original 30k’s, before we had 100,000 mile fluids and spark plugs, you actually had to do some work.

Here’s the deal! You go in for an oil change every 3000 miles, and a oil change and tire rotation every 6000 miles or so. If you need repair work, like brakes or front end work, they will notice. They crawl all over your car looking for an up-sell, you don’t have to pay them for these routine inspections, that’s all these services are, routine inspections. Most shops give you free 16 point inspections for free with an oil change.

I recommend getting your oil changed and tire rotations by “certified mechanics”, not jiffy this, or sooner that. whether in a dealership or private auto repair facility they have “guys”, they give this easy work to. Don’t let sub par mechanics work on your car. The labor rate does not change depending on who’s working on your car, so ask for a certified mechanic (your already paying for him).

Source by Ken Teas

The Future of Auto Mobility and Insurance

Mobility has taken over every industry and has dipped its proverbial toes in the auto insurance industry as well. With GPS and accelerometers as high-tech accessories, mobile technology for the automotive industry too has come a long way and has many miles to go. In an age where digitization and mobility is one of the bare necessities, most auto insurance providers are lost under heaps of paperwork. That's the reason why the concept of auto mobility has shifted its focus to the insurance industry.

A combination of mobility solutions – telematics, analytics and communications, has facilitated the burden for auto insurers through information on driving style, collection of the same, analyzes and reports that benefits all the stakeholders.

User-Based Insurance (UBI)

Insurance providers struggle with allocating premium amounts for their clients. Despite their best calculations, they have incurred losses. Traditionally, insurance companies calculate premiums based on driving records, vehicle use, previous claims, insurance scores based on credits and so on. Policyholders believe that these promotions are usually a fixed value.

Telematics technology will change the face of auto insurance through the usage-based insurance (UBI) pricing system where clients pay as per their usage, driving behavior that is. Pay-as-you-drive gives clients and insurers the freedom to calculate premiums based on not just driving records and vehicle usage but actual or real-time driving information.

Real-time Information

Telematics can calculate every minute detail of the client's driving style, including every hard brake, rapid acceleration, parking style, etc. Analytics will amalgamate, analyze and interpret this data, simplifying it to understand the driving patterns of the client and the risk (s) involved. This driving information will be shared with the insurance provider who can use the same to allocate the insurance premium amount for the relevant client.

Automotive insurance companies have realized the difference that real-time information makes in processing claims. With the ability to capture real-time data in the form of images, videos, driving information, etc., there will be adequate information to process a claim or to decide the insurance amount for a client. It will eliminate the possibility of modified data and increases the accuracy of information analyzed.

Time and Efficiency

Time is everything. Waiting for weeks for insurance agencies to process a claim can be painstaking. Insurance companies will soon provide every client a more personalized and expedited service. Mobile devices will enable evaluation of claims or consultation with clients in their comfort zone. In the case of an accident, real-time data can be captured in the form of videos or images, eliminating the possibility of improper claims or incomplete information, which can prove to be a loss for both parties. Automation will reduce paperwork and redundancy. At the same time, it will increase efficiency and accelerate processing of claims.

Management of Data

With the reduction of paperwork and introduction of technologically advanced analytics frameworks, managing vast quantities of data has become a child's play. Analytics use complex algorithms and mathematical equivalents to organize, analyze and interpret huge volumes of information. The ability to retrieve relevant information instantaneously and accurately will save a lot of man-hours.

Beyond Insurance

Mobility solutions for auto insurers come with additional services such as roadside assistance in case of an emergency, geo-fencing for parents to monitor their teenager's driving, customer engagement to ensure the loyalty of the client, driving suggestions and other customizable options. Insurance companies will be able to go beyond their regular services for the client's convenience.

Challenges of Telematics

However, there are a few concerns with telematics being used by insurers. Standardized regulations on data capturing and its process is still to be determined. This raises concerns for loss of privacy or misuse of data. The other concern is when the client wants to switch to another insurance provider. The new insurer might not accept their driving data as the method of data collection is different. This could result in the client losing his benefits and has to start from scratch.

Nonetheless, telematics technology is relatively new and is yet to take over the market fully. Like any new technology, there will be glitches which will be fixed in due time. These challenges will not be an obstacle for auto mobility to be integrated with insurance, as the pros of auto mobility outweigh the cons. Gradually all insurance providers will significantly rely on mobility solutions in order to develop their business and will become inevitable for auto insurance to use.

Source by Sud Gover

Where to Find Cheap Car Insurance Broker?

Car insurance companies have many different insurance policies which can make it very confusing for the first timer who hasn’t had to find car insurance before. However for people also looking for ways to save, they would normally think twice before asking help from a broker as they see this as just another additional expense on their part. In reality though if you find the right cheap car insurance broker, they may end up spending less money and getting a insurance policy with a reputable company.

Getting help from car insurance brokers can actually save you more money than you think. With an expert helping you out in looking for a good insurance quotation; you do not need to spend your time looking around and asking for different policies. Brokers can just give you suggestions or even refer good companies where you can try and apply your car insurance. Then, they can explain the quotations well to the applicant so they do not misunderstand or miss anything in their contracts. When the person applying for insurance fully understands the contract he has, then he can then decide whether it is a good policy or not and whether it is enough or not. They can then ask their broker to add some quotations that the client feels like they need and remove some that they find unnecessary for them.

In doing that, clients end up with a customized insurance that would definitely be suited for their personal needs. With this, they actually save up more money rather than just applying for more than one insurance quotation from different insurance companies just so they can get a complete coverage on their cars.

Finding a cheap car insurance broker to help a person do those above mentioned things in his insurance policy is easy. Most experts have advertisements posted in directories where anybody can get their contact numbers if ever they would want to hire them for their insurance application needs.

Source by Isobel Gibbons