A Cost Cutting Trip to Auckland in a Rented Car!

The urban landscape of Auckland merges with the natural settings of the rainforests and the idyllic beaches seamlessly, creating haven for the tourists. There is something for all in Auckland – the nature lover, the adventure seeker, the surf buff, the art lover. For the young and the old, Auckland has it all.

In and around Auckland, there are many places to explore and enjoy for free. It becomes all the more fun when you’re travelling in a group.

For the nature lovers there is –

  • A hike or drive up the extinct volcano Mount Eden and One Tree Hill;
  • Tramping and trailing in the lush green rain forests, reserves, domains and parks. The Auckland domain, the Waitakere Ranges, the Duder National Park, the Parnell Rose Gardens are a few examples;

For the water lovers there is –

  • The first marine reserve of New Zealand, the Goat Island, where you can swim and dive alongside exotic aquatic life;
  • Watch the sunset and rise from some of the gorgeous beaches. Walk alongside the sandy shores; plan a barbecue with your friends, go kayaking or surfing. There are a lot of options to choose from;
  • The hot pools of Parakai or Waiwera invite you for an innerving dip;
  • Yachting is a passion for New Zealanders. Join them at the Mairangi Bay;

For the sophisticated urban lover there is –

  • The trendy Viaduct and the Wynyard Quarter for a spot of activity day and night. Cafes and bar alongside Auckland’s harbour provide a great background to watch the world pass by;
  • Amble around Queens Street to soak in the history of New Zealand or catch a flash mob at any of queen street intersections, also known as the X crossing;
  • Browsing and shopping around Parnell Village Shopping Centre or the Victoria Park Market;
  • Sampling local produce at the farmers markets at Clevedon, Otara and Avondale or heading to Auckland’s Fish Market for fresh fish and chips;
  • Exploring Britomart, Auckland’s inner city on foot;
  • Visiting the Auckland Museum for some interesting treasures;
  • Admiring the art collections at the Auckland Art Gallery.

With all that Auckland has to offer, transportation becomes a major factor for people specially when travelling in groups. Car rental in Auckland helps make your stay leisurely as moving around the city becomes hassle free. Parking spaces are also easily available as compared to other big cities. Also, distances between many attractions can be long and driving instead of relying on public transportation can be quicker. For a group, car rental in Auckland can be more cost effective than other scheduled modes of transportation.

Source by Sunil Singh Yadav

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