Pay Less With Gas Cash Back Credit Card

It sees there is no stopping the increase in gas prices, and so we all scramble to find ways to at least lower our spending by all means. But there is one way to cut gas costs, and that is by means of a gas cash back credit card, which could actually be a smart way to buy gas.

The use of this kind of card helps you get a refund or a portion of the total amount you pay for gas, with up to a maximum of 5%. For some cards, the amount is credited to your account after a certain period. For others, the waiting period is until you have incurred a certain amount before redemption. There are also those that offer rewards like gift certificates. The cardholder may be given a choice of either a reward or cash rebate. If such is the case, then you may want to weigh which one gives you more value before making a decision.

There are even some gas credit cards that give rewards in terms of maintenance service. If you take your vehicle for routine service and oil change, then these are extra points for you.

But even cards of this kind differ in their offers, as well as in their terms. While some can be used only on certain brands of gas, there are others that could only be used on identified locations. This may be a good thing for those who go to the same gas station, but not for those who are always on the lookout for the cheaper place. But there are those cards that could be used at any location and with any brand.

But before you finally sign up for that card, read the terms and conditions. It is useless getting the card when you will not actually benefit from its offers. There are a number of these cards available, so you may want to check on a couple of them and compare them to make a more intelligent decision. There are even some gas credit cards that allow you to purchase other items with the same card, so it pays to really check which card works best for you in terms of payment schemes, interest, and of course, rewards.

But saving on fuel cost does not just mean getting a gas cashback credit card. You should also be wary. The objective of saving on gas purchases may never be realized if you choose the wrong card. There are those issued by gasoline merchants and there are those issued by banks. We suggest you make a comparison, but more likely, you will find the bank issued cards to be more loaded with savings and lower interest rates on credits. Read and ask questions. You will less likely to commit mistakes this way.

Source by Laura Evert

Protect Your Life, Hire an Insurance Agent

If you’ve ever been in a car accident that was more than just a little fender bender, or if your house or residence has ever been burglarized, you know better than most people how important insurance agents are. If your place gets burglarized, you almost never recover what was stolen. The costs to replace the things that were taken can be more than you can afford all at once, but you may need your things now. If you are in a bad car accident that totals your car or seriously damages it, you may not be able to get back on the road if you cannot fix your ride. These are but a few examples of why insurance is so vital to your life. Without it, you may never recover from an unfortunate situation that you had no control over.

But, don’t hastily purchase the first policy you see out of fear. Research the local insurance agents in your area and meet with them to discuss your specific policy needs. There may be things you never considered insuring, because you didn’t know that you could. This is why meeting with a professional is the best step you can take for protecting your future. In addition to meeting with a professional sales policy person, you should also appraise the valuables that you think you want covered under your policy.

If you can give your agent an accurate estimate of what your things are worth, you can better formulate your policy. This can also save you some stress later on if something happens and your policy must go into effect. In this event, having already calculated the cost of your valuables will give you specific up-front appraisals. Getting accurate value estimates after something has been stolen or damaged, hardly ever works out in your favor.

If you are an elite athlete, you should also consider taking out a policy on your health or future playing capabilities. Let’s say you are a star collegiate running back with a great chance to play professional ball, but in your final amateur season you sustain an injury. Even if the injury isn’t career-ending, it may hurt your stock moving forward and you could lose significant amounts of money in potential contracts. In these cases, having a policy on your body is a great investment.

Insurance agents will be there to help you understand everything that you can and cannot insure, but these days you can pretty much get a policy on anything an insurance company or private agent is willing to take a risk on. Seriously, go and consult a professional before you wish you had.

Source by Andrew Stratton

Put The Performance In Your Exhaust

Throughout the years, car exhaust systems have played a significant role in helping sporty cars achieve "hot rod" status. These "after market configurations" are heralded by auto enthusiasts everywhere who are seeking to achieve the highest performance levels possible with their cars. You can put the performance back into your vehicle by carefully choosing only the most select performance exhaust parts for your vehicle.

The 1973 movie classic, American Graffiti, underscored what people thought about their cars: we simply love them! Featuring a herrded battle between souped up '32 Ford Coupe and a sporty '55 Chevy, the movie projected quintessential American values ​​of fast cars, good looking girls' n guys, fast food, and lost love. The cars themselves screamed "pure hotrod" and it was in this tradition American car mania reached its zenith.

Since the muscle car era of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s changes have come about in the automobile industry where most cars can only dream about muscle car status. Environmental and safety regulations coupled with changing tastes have transformed the car market into one dominated by SUVs and boxy connections. Fortunately, saner heads are anticipating and the newest mix of sporty cars on the road evoke many memories of the muscle car era.

So, how can you help your car achieve hot rod status? Well, unless it is already a sporty model, you have your work cut out for you. Currenteless, current models including the latest rendition of the Pontiac GTO, the Corvette, Ford's Mustang, the Dodge Viper, plus select offers from Cadillac, as well as trucks and SUVs like the Hummer and F-250 are being outfitted with the likes of Borla mufflers and Flowmaster Exhaust systems. Indeed, to help enthusiasts achieve a "sports car feel" technological advances have brought about exhaust systems that have no bothersome resonance or drone, provide increased torque and horsepower, and give off a great performance sound. For their part, Corsa exhaust systems is a proven leader in helping performance exhaust systems.

Naturally, when you plan any upgrade to your exhaust system you must take care not to disturb existing emissions control equipment, no matter how tempting that would be. Therefore a "cat-back" exhaust system is your best choice as it would allow you to put large-diameter exhaust pipes and low-restriction performance mufflers into your exhaust system without harming the catalytic converter. With this type of system installed you would be maintaining your car within legal limits while receiving more torque and horsepower, less exhaust backpressure, and a sportier sound.

The original muscle car era is gone, but many of today's cars can and will achieve muscle car status by carefully outfitting them with high performance exhaust systems and parts.

Source by Matthew Keegan

Is Your Vehicle Compatible With Paintless Dent Repair-Removal?

You’ve probably heard by now that paintless dent repair/removal is a low-cost alternative to the pricier auto body workshops out there. But the big question on your mind is whether or not your vehicle is compatible with these dent removal methods. Below you will find a checklist that will ensure whether or not your vehicle is a candidate for PDR.

Size And Status Of Dent

To begin with, grab a tape measure and, if possible, a digital camera. Examine the dent(s) on your vehicle and first inspect them for pain damage and/or cracking. If the paint has been broken, paintless dent repair/removal is not going to work for your vehicle.

However, if the paint is intact, take your tape measure to see how large the dented area(s) are. If larger than a foot long, it may not be a good candidate for PDR as well. *NOTE* If you have the digital camera, take pictures of the damaged area(s) and e-mail them to the technician through the companies website. With the size information they can make the call for you whether or not they may be able to help you out.

Age And Condition Of The Vehicle

If the vehicle is more than 15 to 20 years old, the car may not be a good fit for paintless dent repair/removal. The reason for this is that over time the paint can get brittle from baking in the sun, and may flake off during the PDR procedure.

However, if the vehicle is newer and in good shape, as long as the dent is not in an area that had a previous repair by an auto body shop, your vehicle may be compatible with paintless dent repair/removal.

Location Of Dent(s)

Although paintless dent repair/removal is a powerful technique for making dents disappear, this doesn’t mean the dent technician can remove every dent imaginable. As mentioned before, if the dent is located on a previous auto body repair, attempting PDR could have disastrous results. If the dent is too close to the edge of the panel, most of the time this too would disqualify your vehicle for repairs.

On rare instances where a dent is located over a strut or in a hard-to-access location, the dent technician performing the paintless dent repair/removal may be able to remove the dent most of the way, improving the look of the vehicle immensely – but the dent may not be perfectly smooth and fully-removed. But again this only occurs in rare instances.

Paintless Dent Repair/Removal: Is It Right For You?

As you can see, as long as your car, truck or sports vehicle is not older than 15 years, the paint has not become cracked or damaged, and the dents are not too large nor located in a bad area, a paintless dent repair/removal technician should be able to assist you in repairing the look and luster of your vehicle.

Remember, if at all possible, take pictures of the dents, take measurements, and e-mail this information to the dent repair company so they may help assess the damages. If this is not possible, call the company to set up a time you can take you vehicle to them for inspection, or ask if they are a mobile dent technician who could come out to you.

Source by Joseph T Evans

Want to Purchase Auto Insurance Online? Its Quick and Very Easy

When the time comes that you have to renew your Auto insurance you could be saving a great deal of money if you are willing to purchase auto insurance online. Its easy and quicker than other methods of purchasing.

When you get an online quote you will normally find that most companies that offer the service to purchase auto insurance online will give you a close to 10% discount as you are going directly to them rather than through an agent. This is a great way to not only save some money but check out the competition.

If you think about the length of time it would take you to call 10 insurance companies for quotes while you sit there listening to that dreadful hold music as well as talking to someone who might well be in India rather than a call center close to your home.

So you get your quotes and make sure that you are getting the deal that you want through discounts and benefits and then you are ready to purchase auto insurance online. This is the real easy bit, most will take credit card or bank card payments online, others will accept a bank transfer.

Unfortunately you still need to carry with you that strip of paper that says you are insured but this will arrive in the mail a few days after you purchase auto insurance online. This is pretty much the only interaction you will need with the insurance company if you purchase auto insurance online. As we said it is quick and easy and much less frustrating than sitting on hold!

Source by Elizabeth Katz