How to Price Shop a Tune-Up Auto Repair Service For Your Vehicle

How many of us go phone call to phone call shopping auto repair shops for estimates to do a specific repair to our vehicle? How many of us have had those cost estimates differ from significantly low to enormously high? How do we then sort through the information we get and decide on which auto repair shop will do the work for us?

Most shops don’t seem to understand the importance of customer service, then there are those of us that operate on the basis of what is in the best interest of our customers. With this in mind, we have come across several customers asking for an estimate or would just walk in and ask us to “do a tune up” on their vehicle.

Now let me ask, how many different definitions are there for a tune-up? Honestly, it differs between shops and that’s why you get so many different variations in your estimates. Go with the cheapest and you might just be getting plugs and wires and inferior parts. Go with the most expensive and you might just be getting everything from plugs all the way to all filters and fluids replaced.

What can you do to make this ordeal more simple and be more educated on what service it is you truly need and use that knowledge to get a more accurate representation of estimates between repair shops? Since your definition of a tune up might be different between several auto shops, start by asking the first one you call what they see is recommended by the manufacturer.

A good quality auto repair shop will have the resource to tell you. Once you have the info, ask the auto repair shop to break down their estimate or if it’s a “package” price, break down each and every part they will be replacing. Use this same method described above for each subsequent auto repair shop you call. Use this knowledge to help you determine which auto repair shop you feel provided you with the best experience, those that answer your questions politely, those who were willing to take the time to break down the estimates and one that offers a warranty for the work performed, they may not be the “cheapest” but they are typically the ones that will treat you right and use quality parts on your vehicle.

Hope this short article helped.

Source by Tom Vickers

6 Awesome Tips to Get Fit While Doing Housework

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories doing house chores? According to fitness experts, house chores can burn up to an average of 250 calories in an hour for a 150-lb individual. This post has highlighted some of the ways you can use your house chores to build up a sweat and get fit while doing housework.

1. Turn a bend into a functional exercise

Every time you are doing a chore that requires bending, turn the motion into an exercise by modifying the way you move. For instance, when picking up something from the floor, you can do it with a lunge. Or, you can do a full squat when, say, you are lifting groceries or a laundry basket.

2. Doing Laundry

Doing the laundry is a sure way to give you a great work out. It takes a lot of physical work to keep your clothes clean; from lifting up heavy laundry baskets, to lifting your arms upwards and downwards when hanging the clothes outside. Instead of using a washing machine, you can hand-wash your clothes to burn more calories and stay fit. Obviously, washing clothes by hand involves more physical activity than simply using a washing machine.

Here are other ways you can exercise to stay fit instead of using mechanized equipment:

  • Rake the leaves instead of using a blower
  • A manual mower will give you greater exercise than using a gasoline mower
  • Wash your car at home instead of taking it to a car wash
  • Washing the dishes, rather than using the dishwasher, involves a lot of bending and reaching actions which are good exercises to do.
  • Lay off blenders and choppers and use a mortar and pestle and a knife to do your food prep work.

3. Vacuuming

This is another house chore that can give you a great work out. In fact, it offers you the same level of physical activity as rowing or hiking. While at it, extend the stretches of your muscles by dusting even the hard-to-reach places. Again, consider doing the whole house in one go. This way, you are sure to work up quite a sweat.

Also, while vacuuming, add some lunges to tone up your buns and legs. You can begin at one end of the house and do lunges as you vacuum over to the other side of the house. However, do your best not to lean on the vacuum cleaner, but rather rely on it for balance only.

4. Do chores that use a lot of muscles regularly

Chores, like scrubbing a wall daily, sweeping, mopping, cleaning rugs, chores that involve climbing up and down stairs several times, ironing, and dusting (especially hard-to-reach places) are strenuous activities that put a lot of muscles to use. Doing such chores regularly is sure to keep you fit.

5. Consider making a playlist of upbeat music to help you set the pace while doing chores

Scientific studies confirm that listening to fast-paced music can encourage you to make quicker moves and maximize the results of your physical activities.

Use upbeat music when doing chores like vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, scrubbing the walls, and other such chores.

6. Other ways to get fit while doing housework

Doing tricep dips while, say, making your bed, or climbing up and down a ladder while painting, or decorating, or doing squats while loading the dishwasher, are examples of activities that you can throw in a few exercises while doing them and working around the house.

Big changes come from small beginnings so, even making the smallest change, or implementing one simple action, can help to make you fit, especially if you make it a habit every day. When you begin to build these habits, you can slowly increase the difficulty level and try working a bit harder, but remember; it all starts with building good habits.

Source by Bob Tom

A Cost Cutting Trip to Auckland in a Rented Car!

The urban landscape of Auckland merges with the natural settings of the rainforests and the idyllic beaches seamlessly, creating haven for the tourists. There is something for all in Auckland – the nature lover, the adventure seeker, the surf buff, the art lover. For the young and the old, Auckland has it all.

In and around Auckland, there are many places to explore and enjoy for free. It becomes all the more fun when you’re travelling in a group.

For the nature lovers there is –

  • A hike or drive up the extinct volcano Mount Eden and One Tree Hill;
  • Tramping and trailing in the lush green rain forests, reserves, domains and parks. The Auckland domain, the Waitakere Ranges, the Duder National Park, the Parnell Rose Gardens are a few examples;

For the water lovers there is –

  • The first marine reserve of New Zealand, the Goat Island, where you can swim and dive alongside exotic aquatic life;
  • Watch the sunset and rise from some of the gorgeous beaches. Walk alongside the sandy shores; plan a barbecue with your friends, go kayaking or surfing. There are a lot of options to choose from;
  • The hot pools of Parakai or Waiwera invite you for an innerving dip;
  • Yachting is a passion for New Zealanders. Join them at the Mairangi Bay;

For the sophisticated urban lover there is –

  • The trendy Viaduct and the Wynyard Quarter for a spot of activity day and night. Cafes and bar alongside Auckland’s harbour provide a great background to watch the world pass by;
  • Amble around Queens Street to soak in the history of New Zealand or catch a flash mob at any of queen street intersections, also known as the X crossing;
  • Browsing and shopping around Parnell Village Shopping Centre or the Victoria Park Market;
  • Sampling local produce at the farmers markets at Clevedon, Otara and Avondale or heading to Auckland’s Fish Market for fresh fish and chips;
  • Exploring Britomart, Auckland’s inner city on foot;
  • Visiting the Auckland Museum for some interesting treasures;
  • Admiring the art collections at the Auckland Art Gallery.

With all that Auckland has to offer, transportation becomes a major factor for people specially when travelling in groups. Car rental in Auckland helps make your stay leisurely as moving around the city becomes hassle free. Parking spaces are also easily available as compared to other big cities. Also, distances between many attractions can be long and driving instead of relying on public transportation can be quicker. For a group, car rental in Auckland can be more cost effective than other scheduled modes of transportation.

Source by Sunil Singh Yadav

Spending Within Your Budget

It is a decent habit to live a life within a budget. What can you be accused of if you decided to live without strapping your pocket? Once common contraption is that, a budget is just an obstacle, to that craved for life of big-time consumption and consumption with no limits per se.

It is wise to have a habit of spending within your budget. Many people desire to do that. Living within a certain budget has some of the following benefits.

Living a life of no stress: Whenever you are within your means, you will be living debt free and therefore you are not always worried about how on earth you are going to service off your credit card.

To be realistic, this does not mean that you will plan for everything and get everything you want. What is meant here is that you will not be constantly firefighting the rocketing interest charges from debts you had taken to pay other debts.

Budgeting helps you save more money. This is because with budgeting, you can know what level of money should go into savings and investments. People who save more are often prepared for retirement and will have a less difficult time adjusting to it. It is also important to ensure that when the day of emergency comes, you will be able to take hits and stand strong because of financial moat.

Controlled spending helps on live an organized life. Budgeting decreases unwarranted chaos that involves your spending lifestyles. You become less impulsive and can there use your financial clout to keep your life well balanced and stable.

It is never a mistake to have a budget that you cling to diligently. Planning a budget and watching yourself stick to it is one of the most pleasurable financial breakthroughs.

You should cut down on your debt by having more faith in a concrete savings plan. With a savings plan, you will not face spiraling debt and rocketing interest charges. You will have more peace and relax times.

Source by Jamie Pearson

What Are The Options For Credit Card Debt Relief?

Great responsibility comes with having a credit card but the number of people who now have credit card debts is at an all time high; cards have become easier to obtain and more tempting to use, which is a lethal combination. With the debts rising, it is not surprising that individuals have started to realize the financial problem they have created by the constant and indiscriminate spending they have carried out. Once you have finally realized the mess you are in then it only remains to do something about it by sourcing some credit card debt relief.

The first step is to stop using the cards altogether as continued use will just compound the problem and make it harder to resolve. As soon as the spending has terminated it will be easier to find a source of credit card debt relief for the user. There are various debt consolidation alternatives available but the three most common options are detailed below.

Obviously, the easiest way to proceed is to apply for a credit card with a low interest rate on balance transfers where the debt can be consolidated where repayments can be made regularly within a specified budget. Consolidation loans are becoming popular as all the debts can be replaced with just one amount which should be considerably easier to pay on a regular basis.

The only problem here is that the debtor must be determined enough to stick to the plan they have made until the end. Debt consolidation does require that the debtor is still able to access credit and that they will have sufficient funds to repay the loan.

If this avenue of credit card debt relief is not available then the next option is to look towards negotiation with the card issuer directly or through a company that specializes in debt relief. Normally, when these negotiations proceed approximately half the debt will need to be paid and the reminder to be written off by the creditors.

Bankruptcy should always be viewed as a last resort when all other options have been tried as there are serious consequences to this course of action. This is the last resort for a debtor because once they declare bankruptcy, their credit standing fails and it will be difficult to get further loans; however, the positive aspect of filing for bankruptcy is it enables a fresh start. However you have found yourself in this situation, do not allow credit card debt relief to become a habit.

Source by Steven Yeoh